Di.A.Psi. Piemonte (Difesa Ammalati Psichici) is a voluntary, non profit  organization of  people suffering from mental health conditions and their families.
Founded in Torino in 1988 as Di.A.Psi.Gra by a group of family members, it has since then changed name into Di.A.Psi. (Difesa Ammalati Psichici) maintaining the same original values and principles of the founders. Our energy and our actions are aimed to:

-be an ardent advocate for change in the community. Our constant effort is to protect the rights of patients and their caregivers
-provide information about access to services and treatment available
offer psychological counseling to families
-organize social and leisure activities for patients and caregivers (self help groups, outdoor activities, socializing groups) in order to promote well being, mutual support and inclusion


Di.A.Psi. is currently a member of FISAM (Unione Nazionale Associazioni Italiana per la Salute Mentale ONLUS), CPD (Consulta Persone in Difficoltà), Il Bandolo ONLUS, Vol.To (Centro servizi per il Volontariato)

All the services we offer are free of charge.

For more information you can contact us by phone ( 011.546653 ) or email ( diapsipiemonte@gmail.com ).
We will be happy to answer your questions.